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TRIVIUM's Matt Heafy Explains Why The Band Bought An Airplane Hangar

Aside from the fact that it's cool.


Trivium bought an airplane hangar in 2020 to use as a band headquarters and recently finished up the renovations. So what exactly does a band do with an entire airplane hangar? According to Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy, pretty much everything.

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Heafy said in an interview with Loudwire that Trivium has done plenty of filming in the hangar already, and plans to offer it as a space for other bands to shoot videos and record music in the future.

"It hasn't fully paid for itself yet, but we've done a music video, a mini live DVD shoot, a livestream slash/DVD shoot, several photo shoots for magazine covers, our promo photo shoots, endorsement shots there.

"We would have had to locate a facility, pay day rates for manufacturer space… this thing is everything we'd ever need.

"I'm an avid Twitch streamer and I've helped bring a lot of musicians over to the platform. Now, one of our team members from Roadrunner Records from In Waves through What the Dead Men Say, who is now at Twitch, said that musicians are looking at our hangar already as like the 'digital' Red Rocks or CBGBs and other bands want to start playing there.

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"That's something we can start expanding to in the future — allowing bands to do their music videos, livestreams, etc. there. To be able to do your records outside of a studio that you'd be paying for the fees of the gear and all that stuff is pretty amazing. Upstairs, we've got a room that will be converted into a tracking room, a jam room, a living room and a bathroom. Downstairs is storage, kitchen, guitar workstation, drum workstation, a bedroom and a shower and bathroom.

"Then we have the giant hangar itself, which can be absolutely anything anyone would need. I believe that it will soon pay for itself with the more content that we make."

Read the full interview here.

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