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Tom G. Warrior Is Working On A New TRIPTYKON Record

Tom G. Warrior (Hellhammer, Celtic Frost) is seems pretty stoked about the new Triptykon record. Too bad we'll have to wait until 2014 to hear it.

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Triptykon are one of those bands that you don't ever hear much about, but when you do it's always some pretty good stuff. Which makes sense given how good their/his music is. The 2014 album should slay if the past album and EP are any indication of what's to come. In a series of quotes obtained by Blabbermouth:

I am writing much music for the new album, however. As of right now, it is very dark and very varied.


The title of the album, the artwork, and the general design have all been chosen. I do hope to see it finished approximately by the end of the year.

And also:

My guitar tone/sound will likely continue to evolve, albeit within the limits of a certain direction. My current guitar tone is the result of a continuous effort to achieve a tone which represents me, i.e., my emotional landscape, perfectly. I have never been able to identify more with my guitar tone than in recent years (on 'Monotheist' and, particularly, Eparistera Daimones and the associated tours). I have spent some three decades pursuing this a tone/sound, and I feel etremely comfortable with it now, and I see little impetus to change it at this time. Above all, it yields the heaviness and darkness I seek. To me, this type of a continuous mutation within a certain frame of mind can best be explained when one looks at the three consecutive versions of the songTriumph Of Death… The simple reason is that I am not 'youthful' anymore at this point in my life, and it is logical that my music and approach is thus different. I will turn 50 this year, and it would be utterly naive to expect that my sound is exactly the same 31 years after I started Hellhammer as a teenager. If it was, it would be an act, i.e., a lie… My 'aggression' is [still] there. It has changed, though. It is of a very different kind nowadays. If anything, it is far more profound.

Long story short, Tom thinks the next record is going to be real sick and you should too. Bring it on 2014! We're looking for some quality metal from you already!

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