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tr00 and False: Offensive videos, Tommy Lee and Projekt Crapaloution

It’s hard to be tr00. Every week, the editors of, Axl Rosenberg and Vince Neilstein, will dissect the week’s stories and decide which stories are deemed worthy of the title “tr00″and admonish all posers who are false and upset the metal gods. Here are this week’s entries:

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Lair of the Minotaur
Made quite possibly the best metal video ever, featuring men in armor pulverizing each other with enormous swords and other assorted medieval weaponry, blood spewing from decapitated torsos, and naked chicks eating flesh off of severed legs and dead bodies. Metal.

The latest in the burgeoning trend of electro-grindcore, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE have polarized metalheads — but we think they're pretty rad.

Clint Lowery / Sevendust
Primary songwriter and founding member Clint Lowery returns to Sevendust after a 4 year, 3 album absence, just in time to rescue the band from a horrible death of mediocrity on the eve of the release of their latest (Clint-less and mediocre) album.


Projekt Revolution
Linkin Suck announced the lineup for their Projekt Revolution summer tour, featuring such sleepers as Hawthorne Heights, Armor for Sleep and Atreyu, making it the tour to skip this summer.

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Tommy Lee
Pretends to be an environmentalist by joining the new Discovery Channel reality show "Battleground Earth," in which he will compete with Ludacris to see who can be the most "green." What a joke.

Straight Line Stitch
We asked, you responded. Straight Line Stitch pretend it's still 1997, pedaling their completely un-unique brand of nu-metal mook-core.

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