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The Westboro Baptist Church Is PANZERFAUST's Toilet

When cults piss you off, you piss them off right back by pissing on them.

When cults piss you off, you piss them off right back by pissing on them.

Panzerfaust are currently fausting the panzer out of North America with Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocturne and, while on their way to Dever, noticed they were quite close to the home of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church. So of course the band decided to take a little field trip to the institution and explain their views to the cult church in a polite and civilized manner, much the same way the church treats groups they oppose.

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Ah no, wait. Panzerfaust said "fuck 'em" and took a piss right on their front lawn (pictured above). The band had this to say about the urine-related escapade via Facebook.

"The epicenter of all outhouses: THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH. As an outhouse, it was employed as such. For even thinking about protesting Jeff Hanneman's funeral, may your mothers suck cocks in hell."

Guitarist and vocalist for the group Kaizer explained the situation a little more to

"Hours in to our drive to Denver in the sauna we call a van, sweating like pedophiles at recess we were when our good friend Chris Green gave us a call. He informed us that we just so happened to be within pissing proximity of everybody’s most beloved institution of all the fruits God has to bear, namely, The Westboro Baptist Church. Checking the map, we were only 20 miles past the psych ward. Needless to say, the tires screeched and we turned the Panzerkampfwagen back around and headed for the pissing grounds. Upon our arrival, we found someone so sweet as to capture this harmonious moment for us. It was on all counts civil service… Of a kind."

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