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Posted by on August 18, 2014 at 11:21 am

When does Max Cavalera sleep? In the last year, we've gotten a new Soulfly record, a new side project record with Killer Be Killed and now we're listening to a new (killer) Cavalera Conspiracy track. The man doesn't stop!

The band just posted their new track, "Bonzai Kamakazi" which you can hear below:

It's hard to really tell the difference between Soulfly and this project until you take a step back and listen to those blistering drums. Iggor and Max thrashing is always a good time for me, and I am pumped to hear the full album, which will be called Pandemonium. The album will feature Converge bassist Nate Newton stepping in on the low-end and he even contributed vocals to a track on the record titled "The Crucible." Max has said in interviews that he hopes to evoke the spirit of the Sepultura classic Arise with this album and I can certainly hear it.

The new album, Pandemonium, comes out in October on Napalm Records.

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