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THE MARS VOLTA Aren't Technically Broken Up?

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez went on record with some pretty interesting comments about The Mars Volta.

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In an interview with, Omar made a few interesting comments-

The simplest way to answer it is… I don’t close doors, I only open new ones, first of all. And second of all I could never consider myself in or out of Mars Volta ’cause that’s something that we created together. And so therefore it becomes something much larger than any of the five members of it.

Oh, and then-

…I wouldn’t even know what that is… it’s an amazing experience that we had together. And, like, it doesn’t die because five dudes don’t get onstage and play the songs. So as far as like what fans should think or whatever, like, they should sigh in relief and enjoy life and enjoy music… Oh here’s the easiest way to [explain it] I spent ten years saying I’ll never play with this fucking guy and you know Jim Ward‘s one of my closest friends now. You know what I mean? So it’s all a matter of how you want to live your life really.

I like the sound of that second comment. It sounds like Omar doesn't want The Mars Volta to die, and wouldn't rule out working with Cedric again because he's worked with people he's disliked before. I certainly wouldn't mind some new jams by The Mars Volta, but maybe the time off for them would do some good… because let's face it, the last two records (Octahedron and Noctourniquet) were fairly terrible. Potentially look out for some new jams by the band in 2036.

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