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The King of Metal Almost Got PHIL ANSELMO To Prank Call KING DIAMOND & DANZIG

Listen to a metal god being peer pressured by two comedians.

Listen to a metal god being peer pressured by two comedians.

The King of Metal, Dave Hill hosts a weekly show on WFMU, The God Damned Dave Hill Show and this week he had his good pal Phil Anselmo on the line for a good portion of the show. Also on the air was Gavin McGuinness, who was one of the founders of Vice, although he is no longer affiliated with the company.

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The whole thing started with Phil and Dave shooting the shit and when Gavin came on he shared a story about Phil's bandmate, Pepper Kennan being a yacht driver for rich people and killing a pirate once. Phil couldn't help but laugh at the story and said Pepper was full of crap. This then led to them trying to prank call Pepper.

After trying to prank Pepper, Dave and Gavin tried to peer pressure Anselmo into giving them other phone numbers like Jimmy Bower, Danzig and King Diamond.

The whole bit ends up being incredibly hilarious. Imagine being on the phone with a metal god, the likes of Phil Anselmo and trying to convince him to prank his metal friends AND HE CONSIDERS IT! It's some great radio. The whole thing is about an hour, but absolutely worth your time. Check it out:

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The Pepper call happens around 1:38:48. The King Diamond stuff happens at 1:49:20.

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