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THE HU Is The First-Ever Metal Band To Be Named UNESCO's Artist For Peace

They join the ranks of Celine Dion, Herbie Hancock, and Marcus Miller.

The Hu 2022

Mongolian metal act The Hu is now the first-ever metal band to be named the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) Art For Peace. Previously-named Artists For Peace include Celine Dion, Herbie Hancock, and Marcus Miller. So it's a pretty big deal!

"Mongolians have upmost respect for our history, culture and the language that was left to us from thousands of years ago from our elders and ancestors," said band leader and throat singer Gala. "The Hu's goal and purpose is first and foremost to perform a unique genre of music that gives strength and power upon every listen. Secondly, it is to show the world Mongolia's nomadic and environmentally aware livelihood that has been passed down from previous generations and to inspire others to live minimalistic lives and enjoy life to its fullest.

"UNESCO electing The Hu with 'Artists for Peace' designation shows their appreciation towards cultural diversity and heritage pieces that are of great value to Mongolians. The partnership between The Hu and UNESCO will bring awareness towards every culture that is distinguished by their unique heritage and core values, so we are excited to be part of a movement that can improve and change so many lives."

"We sincerely appreciate being selected by UNESCO as part of their 'Artists for Peace' and understand the importance of the designation," added tumur khuur and tsuur player Jaya. "From a very young age we have been practicing traditional music techniques and instrumentation such as long song, throat singing, horse head fiddle, tsuur and tovshuur, as we know the significance and impact of sharing one's culture around the world has to rest of the society. Our music delivers profound ideas that are understood in the subconscious mind while delivering hard rock and ethereal tunes.

"On the surface level, our lyrics and music seem to talk about basic yet important principles of human beings; on a deeper level, they share the preservation of cultures that are in danger of going extinct and allow us to be representatives for groups who have slightly different world perspectives than the modern world. This is a huge inspiration for us and part of our purposes as artists. Therefore, we will do everything in our power to be the inspiration for the cultures that are underrepresented and work with UNESCO to bring them the attention that they deserve."

According to UNESCO, being an Artist for Peace means the band will "help raise public awareness on UNESCO’s mandate and programs among the general public and youth. The Hu will use their talent and reputation to promote UNESCO's values and objectives through upcoming events and projects to help bring a positive change." Grab the band's latest record Rumble Of Thunder here.

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