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The Future LAMB OF GOD's Randy Blythe – What Now?

A bit more positive news from the Randy Blythe hearing that happened yesterday in the Czech Republic. If you recall, the municipal court met and overruled the prosecution's motion to deny Blythe bail even though he fronted the $200,000 USD. The condition the court had was that the bail be doubled to $400,000.

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This is seen as a security measure to ensure Blythe doesn't just skip town, as they would be holding on to a ridiculous sum of money until this case is resolved. Richmond CBS affiliate, WTVR caught up with Lamb of God's manager Larry Mazer:

The band’s manager Larry Mazer said only that their lawyer said to be prepared, they might have to send another $200,000. Mazer said that they are still waiting for an official letter, which must be issued within 48 hours, that states what conditions have made.

Mazer said that they believe part of the condition is the increased bail. “We are hopeful that tomorrow morning there will be an official letter,” said Mazer.

After the prosecutor formally rejected the bail on July 9, the case moved up from district to municipal court. Now, according to the article, the bail can’t be accepted until district courts accept this new decision.

This indicates that in the Czech system the prosecutor could again challenge the bail, though with an increase to $400,000, it appears a compromise might have been made.

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Blythe, age 41, has been imprisoned in Pankrac Prison almost three weeks since police picked him at the Prague airport in connection with manslaughter that police said dates back to a May 24, 2010 show at Prague’s Club Abaton.

Everybody is hopeful that due to the doubling of the bail, that would be enough to ensure that Blythe can finally be released while this case is resolved.

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