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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Was Booed So Loud On A 2002 Tour With SYSTEM OF A DOWN They Couldn't Hear Themselves

"Everything became this thing to push against."

Photo by Nathaniel Shannon

The Dillinger Escape Plan opened for System Of A Down on their 2002 European tour and fans were notably not impressed. In an interview with Metal Hammer, vocalist Greg Puciato remembers being booed so loudly at some of the shows that the band could'nt even hear themselves. Though he notes despite fans not loving them, that tour did open the door for The Dillinger Escape Plan to play major festivals on the continent later in their career. So it wasn't all bad.

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"Well, we had a defiance that came from pushing against everything. We held onto that right until the end. Even when we were doing 3,000 people in London or whatever, we still thought we were this upstart band. We still thought of ourselves as this young band saying 'fuck you' to everything. But on that tour, we were getting booed mercilessly; it did not seem successful at the time.

"It was only when we came back and realised that if you are usually playing to 200 people, and you then get 800 of a 5,000-strong crowd into you… that's a huge difference for our size. Suddenly there were 600 people where there used to be 200. We realised that something had happened.

"But we were getting booed so badly that we couldn't even hear our monitors, and that gave us this idea that everyone hated us, and we just used it as fuel. We hated the fans, the industry for holding us back, other bands for not being as good as us and not taking us on tour because they were scared of us. Everything became this thing to push against."

As for a potential Dillinger Escape Plan reunion sometime in the future, Puciato recently said that there's been absolutely no talk of it happening. He also notes that he doesn't think there's even a legal entity known as The Dillinger Escape Plan anymore, in case anyone was wondering exactly how "done" the band is.

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"There has been zero conversation about reuniting Dillinger. If that were to happen, however, it would not be on a full-time basis. We have our lives that are more developed without it. We have a billion fucking other components to our life. When we initially walked off stage, I and everyone else was happy to be over with it.

"Now, I can perceive a possible situation where it would be sustainable for us, but I cannot stress enough that there has been zero conversation between any of us about reuniting or doing anything. I don't think, legally, there even is an entity known as The Dillinger Escape Plan anymore, so we are currently as dissolved as you can be."

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