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THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN Frontman: "No One In This Band Is Dumb Enough To Say Something’s Ever Really Done"

Posted by on August 8, 2016 at 11:34 am

Last week we reported on the surprising statement made by The Dillinger Escape Plan's Ben Weinman that after the band's current tour, they'd be hanging it up. It was shocking news to say the least, but Weinman's reasoning was pretty sound.

Now, in a separate interview with AP, frontman Greg Puciato says that yes, the current plan is to hang it up for a period of time (or forever) once the tour is over, but things are not definitive. Puciato says he's "not thinking about a breakup that’s not going to initiate until hundreds of shows from now," and then follows up that answer with the below answer to the next question.

Well, yeah, because no one in this band is dumb enough to say something’s ever really done. If you’re smart and you look at every other band that’s done this, I mean, Guns ‘N Roses are fucking back, for Christ’s sake. Van Halen already came back. So the only thing you can do to make yourself not look like an idiot and not have to eat your own words is to leave it open for possibilities, because that’s reality. People are done when they’re dead.

I mean, is anyone really ever broken up "for good" anymore? At The Gates said they didn't want to make more music, Carcass said they weren't really interested, Guns N' Roses vehemently said no for years, Cynic came out of the blue in 2008 after being gone since the mid-1900s… the list goes on.

Plus, like Puciato says – this tour hasn't even really kicked off yet. Who the hell knows what the band will feel in 2017?

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