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TESTAMENT Hopes to Put Out a Few New Songs Before Touring Again

Maybe as bonus tracks to Titans of Creation.


Testament is hoping to get a few new tracks out into the world before it's safe to start touring again. According to vocalist Chuck Billy in an interview with Rocking With Jam Man, he's hoping the band can record a few new tracks and put them out alongside a new edition of their 2020 album Titans of Creation.

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Billy adds that he knows guitarist Eric Peterson has been working on some new music during the pandemic, but Billy hasn't heard any of it yet.

"No, we haven't, but Ericis writing some music. I haven't heard anything yet. It all starts with Eric, so I just kind of wait. He's gotta be in the right mood. And probably, being stuck at home with the pandemic, I would think he would be jamming and writing some stuff. So I think we'll probably at least have a couple of new songs.

"'Cause it makes sense — if we write a couple of new songs, maybe we can do a repackage of the [Titans Of Creation]. We're talking about possibly writing a song called 'Titans Of Creation', 'cause there is no title track. So, we could have a song called 'Titans Of Creation' and maybe re-push it out there with the record again. [That would be] more of a marketing thing. I think that's kind of what the talk is [that] might happen."

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