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TAAKE Show Cancelled Amid AntiFa Protests, Band Vehemently Deny Nazi Accusations

Taake can't escape a bad decision made years ago.

Taake can't escape a bad decision made years ago.

A Taake show in New York City has been cancelled after pressure from local AntiFa groups. It should be noted that AntiFa is not a single organizational body, it is simply a term for "Anti Fascist." There is no central governing body, anybody can say they are AntiFa. Some people who identify as AntiFa use extreme measures, which other people who identify as AntiFa do not agree with. Now that we've cleared that up, a group calling themselves New York City Antifa posted this tweet a few days ago:

You might be wondering why Taake is being targeted, and it all stems back to a concert the band played in Germany where the frontman Hoest painted a swastika on his chest. Below, you can see a photo.

Hoest has said on numerous occasions, when called out for this performance, that he was essentially being a troll, and does not believe in the ideology. Basically, since it is illegal to display swastikas in Germany, Hoest felt he was being "edgy," and has said he has since regretted it. The band was allegedly also burning a German flag during the performance. As MetalSucks points out, though, he didn't exactly use the most tactful language:

“Taake is not a political Nazi band […] everyone should know by now that our whole concept is built upon provocation and anything evil […] we truly apologize to all of our collaborators who might get problems because of the Essen swastika scandal (except for the untermensch owner of that club; you can go suck a Muslim!)”

The term "untermensch" is a term Nazis used to describe "a person considered racially or socially inferior." Perhaps not the best time to use that term. Also, a phrase like "suck a Muslim" was probably not the best thing to say when trying to prove you are not a racist. Hoest would certainly say he hates Muslims, Jews and Christians equally.

After this was brought to the attention of the NYC venue, Le Poisson Rouge, they released a statement saying the show is cancelled.

“Please note that the Taake show scheduled for March 24th has been cancelled. We are providing full refunds to all ticket holders. Please email [email protected] with any questions you may have.” We reached out to LPR too, and the venue’s marketing director gave us a statement that reads: “It is our mission to create a safe space for everyone in our community and this show does not meet that standard.”

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AntiFa members in other parts of the country are reaching out to venues where Taake is playing and there may be further cancellations ahead. The Chicago venue is saying they are taking action to cancel the show.

Due to these allegations popping up again, Hoest has released a new statement, attempting to distance himself from the Nazi imagery:

"I have clearly explained many times throughout the years that me wearing a swastika once at a German concert was not at all meant to show support for the nazi ideology.

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It was all about doing something extreme for the sake of it, which certainly backfired.
But it has now been 11 years and the band has even performed in Israel (!)

Anyway, similar incidents have not happened in Taake’s 25 year long career and will obviously not happen again. But certain parties seem to find this cold case unforgivable nevertheless, insisting on wilful misunderstanding.

So, once and for all, Taake is not a racist band. Never has been, never will be. Still claiming so is as ridiculous and unfounded as are the attempts at sabotaging our highly anticipated shows


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