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SYNYSTER GATES Talks Life Is But a Dream…: "For A Lot Of People This Is The Death Of AVENGED SEVENFOLD"

"Even the bad reviews, people have talked about it. People are still interested in us, so that's all I could ask for."


Avenged Sevenfold's latest album, Life Is But a Dream…, has sparked a firestorm within the metal community. While critics have lauded its artistic audacity, hundreds of fans lamented a departure from the band's signature sound. Guitarist Synyster Gates himself acknowledged the album's polarizing nature in a recent interview with Metal Hammer.

"I think with an album like this, time is on its side. I've been using this analogy: both of my parents' favorite band is The Beatles. My mom hates everything post-Sgt. Pepper's, my dad couldn't care less about the early stuff. They both still respect the fuck out of it, but it's not for them. So, for my mom, Sgt. Pepper's was the death of The Beatles, and I think for a lot of people, this is the death of Avenged Sevenfold. But for a lot of other people, it's a birth. The birth of a different band."

But is Life Is But a Dream… truly a nail in the coffin, or a bold leap into uncharted territory? The album is undeniably a departure. Gone are most of the face-melting riffs and anthemic choruses that defined the band's early years. Instead, we're treated to a sonic tapestry woven with progressive rock, jazz influences, and even orchestral flourishes. It's a challenging listen, one that demands repeated immersion to fully grasp its depth and complexity.

For longtime fans accustomed to Avenged Sevenfold's signature sound, the transition does indeed feel jarring. The lack of instant headbangers and radio-friendly hooks could leave them yearning for the days of "Bat Country" and "Hail to the King."

However, Gates acknowledges that despite the band’s bold "reinvention" the album has been generally well-received: "Funnily enough, I thought it could go either way. We've actually had really amazing support from the press, so I don't want to make people think that we feel like we aren't supported by the press at all. I actually feel it's good that it just hasn't been ignored. Even the bad reviews, people have talked about it. People are still interested in us, so that's all I could ask for, really. The negative comments, I feel they're the minority. I think people have been really thoughtful in considering this album."

At its core, Life Is But a Dream… is a deeply introspective journey, an invitation to step outside your comfort zone and experience something new. As with every piece of music out there, It's not for everyone, but for those willing to take the plunge, it's a rewarding and thought-provoking adventure. And who knows, maybe on the other side, you'll discover a whole new appreciation for Avenged Sevenfold.

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