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Study Shows Illegal Downloaders Purchase The Most Music Legally

On the heels of the New Jersey judge throwing out almost 1000 subpeonas in the Century Media illegal downloading trial, comes a new survey which shows that people who download music illegally are actually more likely to purchase music legally.

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It's an eternal debate. Sure, people are downloading for free, but in the end, that's free promo for the band. The listener is sampling the music, and can theoretically turn into a life-long fan, buying tickets, CDs and other merchandise throughout their lives. Here is what the study showed:

Joe Karaganis of the American Assembly says: “P2P users have larger music collection than non-P2P users – roughly 37% more. Most of the difference comes from higher levels of downloading for free and copying from friends.

“But some of it also comes from significantly higher legal purchases of digital music: around 30% higher among P2P users.

“Our data is quite clear on this point and lines up with other studies: the biggest music pirates are also the biggest spenders.”

The RIAA does not back this survey, although I don't really see where the holes are. Time to weigh in on the subject. Do you download music illegally/participate in file-sharing? If so, do you then go out and buy the music you like? We're all friends here, just trying to get some truths.

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Update: Digital Music News has a pretty scathing rebuttal to this study worth reading.

[via MetalSucks, Classic Rock Magazine]

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