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SOILWORK to join the ranks of Superman, Batman, and Captain America?

For fans of SOILWORK or comics in general, you are in for a treat at this years Boston Comic Con as Swedish melodic metal pioneers, SOILWORK, are being featured in their very own comic book – starring themselves.  The comic book will be titled "Soilwork: An Evil Upon Us" and in a nutshell, is about the Swedes fighting the powers of darkness deep in the Transylvanian mountains.

"Foreign stars would herald the Devil's arrival. So speak the Carpathian ancients, as a second moon rises and the galaxies align in a strange night sky. But their warnings have gone unheeded, and before the night is through an evil from beyond our world will sweep through the darkened mountains of Transylvania. The last line of defense for the humble people of these hills is a band of six travelers who are far from home. They are the members of SOILWORK — and they’re in for a hell of a night."

Other metal acts such as DIMMUR BORGIR and EXODUS have also had their own comic books made in their name.  I'm happy to see SOILWORK getting their name out there in other industries and reaching more fans, but personally, I don't think I'll find myself reading this.  After all, I'm not a comic book fan to start with, and the only band comic book I'll ever buy is if METALLICA were to make one; not because it will be good, but because I'm one of those freak METALLICA fans who for some reason has to have car floor mats and even my wall light switch cover in the form of something METALLICA related.

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