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SODOM Stigmatize You With A New Song

A little over 30 years after their inception, Sodom are still kicking a whole metric ton of ass with their new song "Stigmatized."

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Well damn! I've never really checked out the band beyond hearing a track of two on their 1989 album Agent Orange, but the new song "Stigmatized" is making me re-think this seemingly poor decision. The song doesn't have much in the way of an intro; from start to finish it's all high-speed violence without any repreve, and it really wouldn't have gone any better. Vocalist and bassist Tom Angelripper has a surprisingly brutal growl too, which I never really assume he would have, but just… damn. This song is simply insane and demands to be listened to, and the record Epitome of Torture that it's off of demands the same kind of respect (when it comes out on May 7).

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Angelripper seems to think Kreator's frontman doesn't want to.

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It's a very cool idea for a box set.

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"I want the next album to be the most powerful thing we've ever put out."