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SLIPKNOT'S Corey Taylor: "The World’s IQ Is Approaching Single Digits"

Well… he's right.

Well... he's right.

Look. I'm not saying you or I are complete and total morons. I'm not saying the majority of you are, but when it comes to Slipknot's Corey Taylor saying the world's IQ is rapidly decreasing I can't disagree. People are fucking dumb and that's just a fact of life.

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Taylor recently revealed a snippet of his book, You're Making Me Hate You, to The Guardian where he talks about how he's worried that when the aliens find up they'll think we were just a planet of dumbasses. I can quell Taylor's fear right now. They're not going to think we were a planet of dumbasses- they'll know.

Yes, I worry about what the aliens will think of us. I’m no ancient astronaut theorist. I don’t think we’ve been visited by a more advanced species. I don’t think they’re plotting to come invade. I think if they’re watching, they’re doing the same thing I am: wondering why the fuck you people are mesmerised by all of this half-assed entertainment. They’re sitting in their spaceships watching our habits and they’ve come to the conclusion that we’re all apes in designer clothes. They think we’re fucking dumbasses. They are amazed that we can feed and shelter ourselves with all the stupidity we involve ourselves with. Worse yet, they believe our stupidity is contagious. They think that if they come here to make contact, they might catch our “dummy” virus. It scares the living … well, whatever they call their poop, that’s what gets scared out of them. And these amazing beings, beings beyond our capacity to understand, are leaving us alone. They have quarantined themselves from us. They ain’t coming back until the house is empty and the lights are all off, and only then they’ll wait to see if there’s still any “stupid” blowing around in the wind. They’re keeping their distance, which is a disappointment to me. That’s because I really wish they’d come back to pick me up and take me with them. With all the brain damage in the world today, you can’t blame me.

The world’s IQ is approaching single digits. The looks in people’s eyes are glassy and glossy, staring past the person next to them and out into the distance, at nothing in particular. The bastard thing about it is I’m getting too tired to fight it.

Read the entire excerpt at The Guardian.

You're Making Me Hate You will make you feel like Corey Taylor hates you when it comes out July 7. You can pre-order it at

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