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SID WILSON's Favorite SLIPKNOT Song Is A Deep Cut

"My favorite tracks are always the ones that aren't played live."

Slipknot 2022
Photo by Jonathan Weiner

Slipknot certainly has a handful of hits and live bangers to choose from when it comes to one's favorite track – "Wait and Bleed," "The Heretic Anthem," and "Duality" are a few that come to mind. Though DJ Sid Wilson said in an interview with Revolver that his favorite is the Iowa deep cut "Skin Ticket."

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"My favorite tracks are always the ones that aren't played live," Wilson says. "'Skin Ticket' [is] one of my all-time favorite songs. You listen to that song and you feel different after hearing that kind of stuff. You didn't know that that level of fear even existed in the world until you hear something like that. It takes you out of your everyday world to a super dark place."

Wilson's comment about his favorite songs being the ones that "aren't played live" is certainly true about "Skin Ticket." According to, "Skin Ticket" has been played a whopping 14 times ever, with the last performance being at Knotfest Japan 2016.

"I don't know why those [kinds of songs] are my favorite," added Wilson later in the conversation. "I don't know if it's just a reminder for me to stay on my toes all the time, and to strive to be that much better and try to help people in the world. Because [songs like 'Skin Ticket'] make it that real. Like, it's not a fantasy. That shit exists. It exists all around us, and you better understand it to some kind of degree or it'll take you out — and your face will collapse."

Oh, and that face collapsing comment? That actually happened to Papa Roach drummer Dave Buckner once. According to Buckner, Wilson played him Iowa at such a loud volume that it actually triggers Bell's Palsy in his face. And don't worry – he's fine.

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"I thought I had a stroke during the night!" said Buckner. "I immediately saw a doctor, and turns out I had Bell's Palsy, which is triggered by trauma to the facial nerve that runs through the ear canal in the skull. Causes can include blunt force trauma, extremely loud noise, and, apparently, Slipknot! Slipknot music literally melts faces."

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