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SYSTEM OF A DOWN Bassist Hints At A New Record This Year

Could this be the year we finally get a new System of A Down record?

Could this be the year we finally get a new System of A Down record?

System of a Down is quickly becoming the Necrophagist of whatever genre you want to consider System of a Down to be a part of, though we actually get news from System of a Down occasionally. Bassist Shavo Odadjian said in a recent interview that the new record will be out when the band truly wants fans to hear it, but the way he words it makes it sound like we'll be seeing it this year! So sayeth the giant:

"We're always working. I don't wanna give you a time, because I don't wanna be false. But when it's ready, people will hear it.

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"We've been around for 20 years, so you have to sometimes go away and come back with all this new energy and all this new influence and inspiration. So that's what we did.

"Everyone thought we broke up, but we didn't. All we did was gain oomph and gain experience and love each other more and miss each other. We're brothers. I'll take bullets for any one of those guys."

Well, this is definitely in line with what vocalist Serj Tankian said earlier last month. So it's a good sign that the band seems to be on the same page when they're not sitting right next to each other in an interview! At the very least we've mad eprogress from 2013 when the band outright said no to a new record, or even in 2014 when we got a definitive "meh." Good thing drummer John Dolmayan isn't in this conversation now, lest y'all want to read weird tweets.

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