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RAMMSTEIN Offer 30 Second Video Tease… But For What?!

Could we finally be hearing new Rammstein this week?

rammstein tease

Could it be? Are we finally going to hear a new Rammstein song this week?

That's likely what Rammstein want you to be asking yourself when you watch their new teaser clip, just posted. It's titled "XXVIII.III.MMXIX" or 28/3/2019 – the international date format for heyyy this Thursday.

The clip sees the band members awaiting their deaths in what looks to be the gallows, with nooses around their necks in a scene eerily similar to concentration camps of nazi Germany. Ominous music plays as the camera pans across all the members. The would "Deutschland" appears on the screen as the video ends.

Rammstein have set an informal April deadline for when their long-anticipated new album will be released. It is one of Metal Injection's most anticipated releases of the year. Perhaps, the April deadline is for a new single.

The German industrial masters finished recording the follow up their 2009 record Liebe ist für alle da late last year, and have been working with mixer Rich Costey (MastodonThe Mars VoltaDeftones, etc.) to put the final touches on the album.

Rammstein have said they plan to release up to five music videos with songs off the album. The band have a European stadium tour kicking off on June 28.

The band shot five music videos and already posted teasers online of a religious-looking music video and a more gangster-esque concept.

[via ThePRP]

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