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RAMMSTEIN's New Album Likely Due Out April 2019

Posted by on December 18, 2018 at 10:02 am

After nearly 10 years of waiting since Liebe ist für alle da, it looks like we finally have a timeline on the new Rammstein record. According to guitarist Richard Kruspe in an interview with Consequence Of Sound, the band is in Los Angeles "finishing up the last mixes, and it’s going to come out probably in April of 2019."

Kruspe says the band worked with past collaborator Olsen Involtini, who he says added a new dimension to the band's sound this time around.

"I wanted to do a record that stands out even more than our past records, and I kind of find when I listen to the [new] record, it’s like Rammstein 3D, if I can summarize it. We’re happy to work with my good friend Olsen Involtini, who also worked on Emigrate records. He a great friend of mine, and he brought certain kind of harmonies into the world of Rammstein, which I like."

Kruspe adds that one reason he feels like this record is important is to remind people that Rammstein are more than just "the fire and all the live stuff." He compares Rammstein's theatrics to what Kiss has historically done, saying "I thought, ‘I don’t want to be another KISS,’ where people talk about makeup and stuff like that and no one talks about the music."

Maybe you'll get to hear some of Rammstein's new album at their New Year's Eve party in Mexico.

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