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Max Cavalera "Would Love" To Play SEPULTURA's Arise On Tour; We Would Love It Too!

We'd be totally cool with that.

We'd be totally cool with that.

Sepultura's 1991 release Arise is considered one of the best thrash albums of all time, at least by this humble writer. With Max and brother Igor wrapping up the 20th anniversary tour of Roots, Rock Overdose asked Max if there was any interest in playing any other Sepultura records on tour.

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The interviewer particularly pushed the idea of Max and Igor playing Arise, which Max wasn't against:

There’s a possibility. We can do all kinds of stuff now. I think that’s what is cool about now[adays], how ‘open’ everything is. I still have a lot of things on the table for the next year. Because next year is twenty years of Soulfly. It’s a special date and we wanna make a record to celebrate that.

We also want to do another Killer Be Killed album. We only did one, and we would love to do another one. I think we can make an even better one. The guys are better now.

But, yeah, I would love to do Arise. Especially Arise out of all the Sepultura records, the one that I would like to do the most is “Arise”… [Laughs] That record, it’s just exciting from beginning to end, and I think the live will be a monster. It would be amazing to play all that thrash death metal shit live.

To add potential fuel to the fire, the official Cavalera Conspiracy posted the interview on their Facebook page asking if this is something fans want to see. Let's hope so.

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When my colleague Frank interviewed Max and Igor a few weeks ago, Max seemed to suggest they were considering playing more Roots shows early next year saying "I hope next year we can do a little bit more of it, even though it's twenty one years." Max does like staying busy, so who knows… he might get to do all of it!

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