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Is Maynard Saying The New TOOL Album Is Coming Out This Summer? Or Is It Not?

We're… not sure. He worded this one pretty weird.

We're... not sure. He worded this one pretty weird.

The legend of the new Tool album in 2018 deepens, this time with input from the band's frontman Maynard James Keenan. To give a bit of backstory here, drummer Danny Carey has said the album is "definitely coming this year" and also that he hopes to have it out by May, though that might be wishful thinking.

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Guitarist Adam Jones also told a fan that the music is just about done and that Keenan was doing lyrics as of the middle of this month. Keenan offered a non-response about the album last time he was asked, though did shoot down a theory on Reddit.

Now Maynard is back with another comment and it's a little strangely worded. A fan says it's been confirmed that the new album is due out this summer, and Keenan's response is "Not. Coming out this summer. Not." Why make "coming out this summer" its own sentence bookended by saying it's not out this summer? Is the album called Not? Or is Maynard just fucking with everyone as he always does? Is he giving us his best Borat impression?

All we know for certain is that Jones said Tool is hitting the studio again soon (see above), so it seems like things would be wrapping up shortly. I guess we'll find out when the time actually comes, but until then expect likely more contradicting information.

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