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Is BOTCH Teasing A Reunion?

It certainly looks like they are.


Botch signed to Sargent House in late 2021, which of course sparked rumors of a reunion. Botch clarified that the band was only doing reissues through Sargeant House and not actually reuniting, and in a later interview bassist Brian Cook stated that a reunion show wasn't really in the cards.

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"I've learned not to say never to that, but the circumstances would have to be very specific and I honestly can't imagine what those circumstances would be at this point. And, man… it would freak me the fuck out. To put on a Botch show the way we used to put on Botch shows… I'm 44 years old and I don't know if my body could handle throwing itself around onstage all night and all that's stuff. I bruise too easily these days."

So that's that, right? Maybe not, as there are now two very interesting posts thrown into the mix. The first is a post from Cook's own Instagram that simply states he was hanging "with some friends from high school." Which all by itself doesn't exactly mean anything… except now Sargeant House has posted a very short tweet saying "Botch. Stay tuned. That's the tweet."

So do what they're saying and stay tuned, but still – holy shit! Are we getting a Botch reunion? It would certainly be interesting timing given that Cook has records coming out for both Russian Circles (Gnosis can be heard here) and Sumac (who has a new collaboration with Keiji Haino due in October) this year, but who knows.

And for clarification, the following is the original statement issued by Botch upon signing to Sargeant House: "We're continuously humbled by the ongoing interest in our band despite the fact that we've been broken up for nearly two decades. With the folding of Hydra Head Records in 2020, we were presented with the dilemma of figuring out how to keep the catalog available to both newly initiated and longtime fans."

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"We were lucky to have the support of Sargent House, who are helping keep Botch's legacy alive by administering the digital catalog, curating the band's archive of photos and paraphernalia, and getting our records in the ridiculously long queues of vinyl pressing plants. We're happy to be part of the Sargent House family, excited to have our music back up online, and looking forward to exciting things in 2022."

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