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Did Chris Jericho Just Leak AVENGED SEVENFOLD's New Album Title and Release Date?

A now-deleted Instagram post may have all the answers.

A now-deleted Instagram post may have all the answers.

The following story has not been confirmed and should be treated as a rumor. If we get confirmation, we will update this story.

Avenged Sevenfold are currently in the midst of some sort of secret promotion, which we believe is to promote a new album, and possibly a new world tour.

Update 10/13/2016 – Avenged Sevenfold just released a new track, "The Stage." Listen to the track here.

Last week, the Aveneged Sevenfold logo, the death bat, appeared all over the world, in Canada, England and other countries with one of the first people commenting on it being the band's good friend, Fozzy frontman and WWE superstar, Chris Jericho. Then, earlier this week, the band posted a photo of themselves with their faces crossed out. Today, their slow roll out might have hit a snag.

Chris Jericho may have more info about the release than he's letting on. Metal Injection junkie Matt Coy sent us the below screenshot of an Instagram post Chris Jericho made earlier today, and has since deleted. The posting seems to be confirmed by this story on an Italian fan site.


So, based on this teaser image – we can assume that Avenged Sevenfold are scheduled to release something on December 9, 2016. Based on the hash tag, that something – be it a single, or more likely an album will be called "Voltaic Oceans."

For those wondering, voltaic means "electricity produced by chemical action."

We have not been able to confirm this information with an official source, but there was enough smoke here that we felt this was worth publishing.

Also, worth nothing that Avenged Sevenfold relaunched their site with a "Deathbot" that allows you to ask it questions. When you ask questions like "when can we hear a new single?" or "when will the new album be released?" you get an answer akin to "Answers will come in time." When inputting "Voltaic Oceans," the bot responds "I bet you feel like the smartest ape." Hmm…

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