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Dave Lombardo Allegedly Open To Drumming for MEGADETH If Asked

Keyword: allegedly!

Keyword: allegedly!

Last week, Megadeth found themselves without a second guitarist or a drummer as both guitarist Chris Broderick and drummer Shawn Drover announced their departure. We have no idea who the hell is going to replace Broderick, but a very reputable name has thrown his name into the hat for the drummer position, and that's former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.

I'm just as excited as you are right now about this whole thing, but keep in mind everything you're about to read comes from the mouth of a fan who met Lombardo recently at a signing and relayed that information to Blabbermouth. Whether or not any of this is accurate is entirely beyond both you and I. But since we love to speculate, let's continue.

Ready to still have your mind blown apart?

"I have just returned from [former Slayer and current Philm drummer Dave] Lombardo's clinic in Geneva, Switzerland (on November 26), which was very impressive.

"During the autograph session, Dave made it clear that he was open to the possibility of joining Megadeth if the invitation were extended to him.

"As Dave was signing my copy of Fantômas' The Director's Cut, I mentioned that Megadeth are in need of a new drummer as of yesterday. Lombardo looked up with a big smile and said, before a number of other fans (verbatim): 'I know. I just heard. Dave [Mustaine] has my number, so I'm waiting.' He looked up at us, grinned, and moved on to sign the next fan's item. He might have made this reply in jest, but if nothing more, this indicates that Lombardo is open to the possibility of replacing Megadeth's Shawn Drover. He appeared genuinely interested in the opportunity.

"Lombardo stated during the clinic that he has touring plans with his new project, Philm, in the immediate future, but he didn't mention this in his reply to me concerning the Megadeth slot.

"If Dave Mustaine is interested and were to reach out to him, there are strong chances that Dave Lombardo would consider collaborating with Megadeth, especially now that he is no longer a member of Slayer.

…holy shit. Please let this happen? Of course, the big issue, besides personalities is money! Lombardo famously exited Slayer last year after feeling he wasn't getting fair pay, so we'd assume he'd want a fair cut of that Megadeth money. Would Lombardo be a good fit in the band?

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