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Producer Ross Robinson Has Choice Words For Bands Who Ape KORN's Old Style

Seriously, don't be Korn.

Seriously, don't be Korn.

Ross Robinson is an important, and talented, producer who was essentially ground zero for nu-metal in the 90s. Robinson did work on albums like Slipknot's self-titled, Korn's self-titled, Limp Bizkit's Three Dollar Bill Y'all, Machine Head's The Burning Red and a whole slew of others.

When you were that influential at any given time, naturally bands want to hit you up about sounding like those old records… forever. Robinson not only doesn't want to hear your Korn ripoff band, but he's also got a few choice words for you.

I guess we can't expect Red Fang's new album to be nu metal, can we now?

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