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ROBERT TRUJILLO Picks His Favorite Song From METALLICA's 72 Seasons

"I was just trying to channel Ozzy."

Robert Trujillo

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Metallica's bassist, Rob Trujillo dove into the band's latest studio album 72 Seasons and revealed the track that holds special significance for him. When asked what song from the album he would take with him to a desert island, the seasoned musician, whose tenure with Metallica spans over two decades, chose "You Must Burn!" as the standout piece that allowed him to break new ground within the band.

Trujillo acknowledged the accolades for "Inamorata," – the closing track on the album – yet he singled out "You Must Burn!" as a personal favorite due to its role as his first official semi-solo vocal moment in Metallica. Reflecting on the creative process, he shared that producers Greg Fidelman and frontman James Hetfield granted him the freedom to shape this vocal breakthrough, drawing inspiration from legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne.

"'Inamorata' is an amazing song and we all feel it has classic potential, but I’m gonna have to go with 'You Must Burn.' That's the first official semi-solo vocal moment for me in Metallica. Greg and James gave me the freedom to present my vocal moment, where I was just trying to channel Ozzy – you may or may not hear that! I do really like that middle section, it feels like a very complete song and has the right power groove. That's my desert island jam.”

Will this be the start of a new vocal era for Rob in Metallica? He's keeping his options open, always ready to serve the band's needs: "I'm always there for what the band needs! I was expecting to just do gang vocal-type things, adding a bit of texture and presence to the recording, but I didn't realize I'd get a semi-solo moment! I always do my best whatever I'm asked to do though man, and these are the moments you can cherish."

Time will tell if we see Trujillo belting out an entire track in the next studio album, but for the time being, let’s go back to "You Must Burn!" and enjoy it again under a new light.

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