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Chad Gray Comments On Possibility of MUDVAYNE Reunion

So maybe there's a chance eventually.


Mudvayne broke up in 2010 and people pretty much haven't stopped asking its members when they're getting back together. Guitarist Gregg Tribbett said there wasn't any time for a reunion in 2018 while bassist Ryan Martinie remained a little more ambivalent about the possibility recently, saying "only time will tell." Now in an interview with 101.1 WRIF's Meltdown, vocalist Chad Gray says the whole bands talks to one another and are cool with each other, but Hellyeah still takes priority in his world.

"We're all good. We all talk. We're cool. Whatever. It just is what it is, man. This is where I have to be right now. This is so monumentally important to not only me personally, but to us as a band and I think to us as a metal community, a metal family, just to carry this on and fucking run it till the fucking wheels fall off. I'm in. I'll do it for as long as I can do it. I love my guys; I love my band; I love our fans. They're not even fans — they're family. And it's worldwide. And it's a fucking beautiful thing."

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Gray seems to have chilled out a little bit about the whole reunion thing since 2016, when he made it really well known that he wished people would stop asking. All I'm saying is L.D. 50 turns 20 in 2020 and an anniversary tour would probably do really, really well.

HELLYEAH's Welcome Home comes out September 24th.

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