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RANDY BLYTHE Names The Most Complicated Part Of Being In A Major Band

It's all business.

A photo of Lamb Of God vocalist Randall Blythe

What's the most complicated part of being in a band as big as Lamb Of God? According to vocalist Randy Blythe in an interview with Sobre La Dosis, it's realizing that your art is a business. Blythe said he never dreamed that Lamb Of God would be as big as they are, and that accepting there's a business side to things has been a strange step in his career.

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"I think the most complicated part of it is not really anything within the band. It's trying to make sense of how this has become a career, because we just did it for the love of it. That's why we started the band. I never thought it would be a job. I was never like 'oh we're gonna become rock stars or whatever.'

"I think the really complicated part of it for me has been navigating the fact that something that I would be doing anyway, which is making music, is navigating how that has become a business. It's not something I'm always entirely comfortable with to tell you the truth, because I'm just a regular dude. That's why we have management, though. I don't handle the business but I think that has really been the most complicated thing for me – realizing that it's a business at this point.

"We employ a lot of people. People were able to buy their family Christmas gifts this year because we employ [them]. It's definitely a band that we that… you know, it's our art and we love it, but it is a business. For me, accepting that is strange because I don't come from the business world. I never had any money. I'm not a rich kid or anything weird like that.

"Learning to be a professional musician, I guess, is the most complicated part. Writing the music and touring and playing shows and all that shit, that's fun. That's easy for me. Learning the business has been complicated."

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