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PAPA ROACH Is Re-Recording “Last Resort” with Some "Sick" Guests


Full disclosure, when Papa Roach released Infest in 2000, and kicked it off with their big hit "Last Resort," I was totally in. Rob at age 17 had the full ballchain necklace, the JNCOs and everything. But as my tastes matured, I left Papa Roach, but always had a special place in my heart for that first album.

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Now, frontman Jacoby Shaddix reveals that the band has re-recorded their breakthrough hit and there will be three "sick" guests on from the world of rock and hip-hop on the song.

He tells Rocksound:

“We also did a re-record of ‘Last Resort’ which we did with some guests that are going to appear on it. I can’t drop the names yet but we’ve got some top notch sick people on this.

“There’s somebody from the modern rock era that’s speaking to the people for the people right now. There’s somebody from the hip-hop scene that’s old school and there’s somebody from the current hip-hop that’s on right now. We’ve got a little bit of these three personalities that are going to here.

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“We’re not sure if it’s all on one track or there’s going to be three different versions. We’re coming to that point now. It’s going to be fun to play with and a cool way to celebrate the track and that’s coming soon.”

“It’s got the right edges to it to it, it’s got the right people, man, so it feels authentic. ‘Last Resort’ is one of those kind of timeless-type tracks, and we wanted to get people that we felt would stand that test of time.”

When Shaddix mentioned a current hip hop star, my mind immediately went to Post Malone, who is dipping his toe more and more into rock. But who knows?

Do you think the world needs a new version of "Last Resort?" Who would you get to guest on the song?

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