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PALLBEARER Has "The Better Part of Another Album" Completed

"I think we have a pretty good idea of what our next album is going to be already."

Pallbearer 2020

Pallbearer just released their new album, and very likely my album of the year, Forgotten Days literally weeks ago. Now guitarist Brett Campbell reveals to The Pit that the band was also writing a second album alongside Forgotten Days, and has a good portion of it completed.

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"Actually, we never really stopped at the drawing board. We were still writing," said Campbell. "The writing process for this album was interesting, because we had basically a year off after the Heartless touring cycle got done. We’d never had that long off since we’d started touring in earnest full-time. So we ended up being extremely productive, and aside from the songs that went on Forgotten Days, there was a ton of material that we continued working on. So we have at least another album’s worth — we have more than another album’s worth of material pretty much ready to go. We could finish it and have it ready to record it with a month of solid work, if we got together and really refined everything.

"But I’m trying to hold back a little bit, because I don’t want to get so far ahead of myself that I’m in a completely different place musically before we play any of this stuff live. My compositional interests change over time. There’s a very, very small chance we’ll play a show next fall, but even that’s still pretty ambiguous. I’m just trying to stay creative, and we’re trying different stuff. Joe doesn’t live here, but we do, so we’ve been trying to work on some ideas. Which is cool, because normally we work under self-imposed pressure to try to be extremely focused and everything.

So there you have it. Pallbearer album of the year 2020 and maybe 2021.

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