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OPETH's Mikael Åkerfeldt Is Plotting A Swedish-Language Psychedelic Folk Project

It might involve Dan Swanö too!

It might involve Dan Swanö too!

It's not really news  that Opeth frontman and guitarist Mikael Åkerfeldt doesn't really feel inspired by death metal anymore, so let's all move on! What we've got in the future from Åkerfeldt just might be a folky psychedelic project that could also involve death metal legend Dan Swanö (ex-Edge of Sanity, Witherscape, etc.) on drums.

Here's what Åkerfeldt had to say to Face Culture.

“I’m thinking of a project, actually—a thing that I want to do with a couple of friends of mine, that I will be writing for. And also, of course, a new Opeth album, hopefully. I have written snippets of music that I haven’t decided where they’re gonna end up yet— or I haven’t decided if they’re gonna end up anywhere yet.”

“Well, it will be… I can probably with confidence say that it will happen. But it will be in Swedish. I’ve asked one of my friends, I’ve e-mailed him asking him if he would be interested, because we did a song a long time ago together. Dan Swanö—he’s a producer; he produced the first two Opeth records.

So I asked him if he wants to play drums on this project. And another friend of mine from Stockholm, who is a classically trained piano player, but he plays bass and has a really cool vintage studio too, so I’m thinking of doing something like that. But I’m not sure how it’s gonna end up. I want it to be not so progressive, really, but maybe more ‘folky’ and psychedelic, I think.”

Could be cool! At the very least it's a style of music that inspires Åkerfeldt, so why wouldn't you be stoked? Plus it might involve Dan Swanö, who is legally obligated to only participate in projects that are fantastic.

[via The PRP]

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