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OPETH Frontman Says The Band Would Be "Pure Death Metal" If They Ever Got Heavy Again

The words "death metal" and "blastbeats" are thrown around in here.

The words "death metal" and "blastbeats" are thrown around in here.

Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt is on the cover of this month's Metal Hammer magazine, where he talks mainly about the band's ventures into a progressive rock sound and how he feels metal lacks rebellion anymore. It's an interesting read! That being said, the magazine took to their website to post up some quotes from Åkerfeldt about the things they learned in speaking to him, such as how Opeth would sound if they went back to being heavy as fuck!

“If we made another heavy record, it’d be pure death metal with blastbeats and shit.”

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It's no secret I absolutely adore the band's new direction, but man… how cool would it be if we got an EP of straight up death metal Opeth? He also touches on the backlash from fans.

“I’m not stupid, I can hear people saying we’re not a heavy metal band anymore … Maybe what we are doing is rebelling against metal, but only ‘cause we love it so much.”

That being said, you damn well better get Pale Communion when it's out next month. It might not be metal, but it's the best record this year. Period.

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