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OBITUARY's DONALD TARDY Explains How DIO Influenced His Drumming

"How do I begin to explain what this album did for me and to me?"


Obituary drummer Donald Tardy has voiced his love of classic rock and metal numerous times throughout the years. Though in an interview with Loudwire, Tardy reveals that Dio's 1983 debut album Holy Diver was the turning point in his young drumming career.

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Tardy praised Vinny Appice's tasteful drumming throughout the record, saying Appice's performance showed him that non-technical playing is "heavier and more powerful than any technical drumming."

"How do I begin to explain what this album did for me and to me?" said Tardy. "I've been interested in drums my entire life, from my very first memories as a child. I started playing drums in 1977. In that time, I found a lot of bands and I always have been a music fan, but drums were always what my brain absorbed.

"So, when I heard Holy Diver as a 13-year-old 'drummer,' this was it for me. This album grabbed my attention and drew me in and as I listened to Dio's magical, heavenly, angelic voice along with the straight forward, solid perfection that Vinny Appice played on each song and throughout this entire album — it became my school and Vinny was my teacher.

"He showed me that basic, tasty and solid was heavier and more powerful than any technical drumming and to this day Holy Diver and Vinny's performance still taps into a vein unlike any other album! It is my Bible!"

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Obituary will release their new record Dying Of Everything on January 13. Pre-orders are available here. You can also check out our review of Dying Of Everything here, which our reviewer said "is one more reason why they deserve that legendary status."

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