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Nobody Wanted To See GODSMACK In South America

The tour was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales.


Godsmack was plotting a South American tour for this April, but had to cancel due to lack of ticket sales. And sure, there's plenty of "nobody wanted to see Godsmack jokes" to go around, but you do have to wonder what happened here. Were the shows just not promoted properly? Was it really a lack of demand? Maybe a combination of both?

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"We are heartbroken to have to announce that Godsmack cannot get to South America in April as promised," said the band. "We are so saddened by this as we've been trying for so long to make this work, but due to the lack of ticket sales, we simply can't find a way to fund this tour at this time.

"Please know we've tried everything we could to make it work, but it has now gone beyond our control. We love and appreciate our fans and will remain optimistic that we will play for your country one day. Until then, our deepest apologies."

Godsmack is still planning on doing quite a bit of touring, but as a legacy act. In a recent interview, Godsmack frontman Sully Erna revealed the band is done releasing new music of any kind – new albums, new singles, all of it. Done. Erna said fans don't really wanna hear anything other than the classics from a band that's had as many hits as Godsmack, and that he's content with Lighting Up The Sky being the band's fina album.

"When you go see your favorite bands, and you go see Metallica and Aerosmith, are you really looking forward to [hearing songs from] their new record? Maybe there's a song or two that you're digging, but most of the time when you go see Aerosmith, you wanna see 'Walk This Way' and 'Same Old Song And Dance' and 'Train Kept A-Rollin'.' How do you not play those songs? They are the soundtrack to people's lives.

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"And I'd like to think, after twenty-six Top 10 singles now, and five number ones, if we pull another three or four off this album, which is very possible — it has the material — we'll be at thirty Top 10 singles. That means we could do back-to-back nights in an arena and play 15 songs a night and never play the same single twice, let alone the 'B' cuts. So at one point you need to honor that career and go out and give the people what they wanna hear. And that's what we're looking forward to.

"It's not the end; we're just ending one chapter in our lives and we're gonna open up a new chapter and start to enjoy the sunset years by creating a greatest-hits show."

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