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New Book Chronicling Stories Of OPETH, CARCASS, DEATH, etc. Album Art Needs Your Help!

This book is going to be AWESOME.

This book is going to be AWESOME.

Ramón Martos is a busy man, writing for several websites such as Metal Underground, This Is Metal Magazine, Pure Grain Audio, Heavy Metal Artwork and "many others." In what free time he somehow has (I'd assume in place of sleeping), he's managed to write a book about heavy metal artwork titled …And Justice For Art: Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers.

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The book " is a one-of-a-kind collection of stories, stunning graphics, and  revealing interviews about the making of some of the greatest album covers in the history of Heavy Metal music" and chronicles the stories behind legendary records like Carcass' Heartwork and Death's Symbolic, up to newer stuff like Cormorant's Dwellings and Opeth's Heritage.

So after three years researching and interviewing musicians and visual artists, and securing the rights to showcase the 400+ graphics featured in the book, …And Justice for Art is ready to be printed… with your help! Martos is asking an incredibly reasonable $8,310, of which almost $1,700 is raised as of the time writing this. Obviously there's sweet perks and everything else on the site, so go donate! History needs to be made here!

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