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Looks Like Nergal Will Be A Judge On The Polish Version of "The Voice"

Posted by on July 28, 2011 at 12:43 pm

A few weeks back, a Polish tabloid reported that Nergal was going to be a judge on the Polish version of "The Voice." We were unsure of the certainty of it, because there was no official confirmation. Well, today we have official confirmation. Speaking to Terrorizer magazine, Nergal confirmed that the deal is pretty much done: 

“I haven’t signed a deal yet, but I got a deal waiting and most probably, it’s happening. So it’s going to be fun. The first black metal judge ever in history doing a mainstream thing, you know? People are going to freak out! Some are going to love it, some are going to fucking hate it. But that’s what this music has always been about, right? To provoke, to cause different opinions. The more extreme opinions, the better, I think.”

While Bruce Dickinson may have turned down a similar offer, I think it's sorta awesome that Nergal will be a judge on this show. In fact, I hope the dude shows up in full corpse paint to scare the shit out of the pop stars. When explaining his motivation for joining The Voice, Nergal said he was tired of the media cashing in on his name:

“This so-called celebrity life is not my environment at all, but I am a part of it if I want it or not. So it’s been crazy. Then the whole case with my sickness and me getting out alive, it just brought some extra attention to it. And there’s definitely some people that want to make some money on it because it’s a cool story for them to write about and stuff, but I was like, ‘Okay, if they’re going to make money, I want to have my share too’. I was away from music and away from being active live for a good year, so yeah, I need to get something in return!”

Who knows? Maybe Nergal will be so good at judging that he'll be bumped up to the main show alongside Christina Aguilera. [via Metal Insider]

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