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IRON MAIDEN Front Man Bruce Dickinson Turns Down TV Series

While speculation of Behemoth frontman, Adam "Nergal" Darski, joining the Polish version of "The Voice" has yet to be confirmed by official sources, it has been confirmed that Bruce Dickinson, of heavy metal legends Iron Maiden, was asked to join the UK version of the hit TV Show. However, Bruce had a thing or two to say in response, and it wasn't pretty.

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When interviewed concerning the BBC's attempt to sign him, and hopes to rival the UK TV show "The X Factor" Dickinson told The Sun

"That show sounds so crap and demeaning to everyone involved, I took great delight in turning the BBC down. 'The X Factor' is appalling enough, it's no better than 'Opportunity Knocks".

Fuck Yeah! If it's one thing I admire in an industry filled with delusional artists, it's old fashioned integrity. Bruce Dickinson has nothing to prove, and has every right to feel the TV show would be a step down in his career. After all judging by the panel the US version of the show had set up, it's where pop stars go for an attempted revival. As the lead singer of one of the most successful metal bands in history, an airplane pilot, and all around bad ass, Bruce really has nothing to come back from. Shit I even chuckled when Bruce claimed that The X Factor is appalling, because it's also the name of an Iron Maiden record that featured Blaze Bayley on vocals.

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