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Nergal Is Back In The Hospital

Nergal Is Back In The Hospital

Is this Nergal sitting in a hospital window?

This is a bummer! When we last got news of Nergal, we heard that he was out of the hospital and staying with his parents. He even released a statement on how hopeful he was for full recovery. Well, that good news didn't last long, as MetalSucks points us to a Polish news site that shows Nergal is back in the hospital. As we previously reported, the bone marrow transplant that he received resulted in a very weak immune system, leaving him very prone to catch something, thusly he had to remain in a quarantined-like state. He has apparently caught an undisclosed infection. Well, the doctors have stated he did not take care of himself, resulting in this recent visit. It is unknown if this infection has affected the transplant or how long Nergal will be back in the hospital. Our best wishes go out to Nergal and his family.

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