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NAPALM DEATH Guitarist Mitch Harris Indefinitely Sidelined From The Group Due To Family Illness

Positive thoughts, Mitch!

Positive thoughts, Mitch!

Napalm Death recently made two major announcements regarding their new album out in 2015 and a killer tour with Voivod. Things are looking up in the world of Napalm Death! Or they were until it was announced via their Facebook that guitarist for the group Mitch Harris would be sitting out an unknown amount of the band's upcoming shows due to a family emergency.

"Due to illness within his family, we would like to announce that Mitch Harris will unfortunately not be performing with us for the near future. We stress that this is not a permanent arrangement, although we are unsure exactly when Mitch will return under the circumstances.

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Naturally, we sympathise and wish Mitch all the best for now. In the meantime we will be joined by guitarists who we know can grind it out in his absence."

Here's hoping everything turns out okay for Harris and his family! I'm sure things are stressful enough in his life right now with the family situation piled on top of worrying about a new record… I wonder who the group will get to replace for the time being on tour? There are certain enough groups on the tour for one to pull double-duty with their band and Napalm Death.

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