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NACHTMYSTIUM's Blake Judd Accused (Once Again) Of Screwing Fans Over

Note the word "accused."

Note the word "accused."

Reporting on Blake Judd and Nachtmystium's doings (or undoings, but we'll get to that) should have its own section on our site by now, right?

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On August 11, MetalSucks had received some emails from fans regarding themselves pre-ordering Nachtmystium's new album The World We Left Behind and not receiving what they had ordered. Considering the album had just been released on August 5, maybe things just got a little held up. Warning of said delays would have been excellent, but MetalSucks got a much more straightforward answer from Judd himself.

“I am simply waiting for Century Media to deliver my copies of the new album [The World We Left Behind] so I can send out the preorder bundles… I’ve posted about it repeatedly on our page. We did a preorder bundle for a signed CD or LP plus tshirt and patch package…. I have everything except the records, which I expect this week. When they arrive, everything goes out.”

Fine, that makes sense. Except MetalSucks then goes on to report that they continued to receive emails two weeks after that saying the same thing. Couple that with the fact that anti-Blake Judd Facebook page Blakecrush noted Nachtmystium's Facebook page has completely disappeared, and things stop making much sense.

Didn't Judd just say that Nachtmystium wouldn't be breaking up? So why delete the page then? It's also worth noting the Facebook page for Hate Meditation, his "post-Nachtmystium project," has also disappeared off Facebook. Now not only do we know nothing about the merchandise, but we're also left in the dark completely as to what Judd is doing musically. Odd.

I felt it appropriate to use the word "accused" in the headline because I personally don't have the insight MetalSucks does to the situation, so this is a completely unbiased writeup based on what I'm reading. I'm actually curious to know- has anyone gotten anything from Judd yet? MetalSucks says they reached out to Century Media but haven't received a response, so that leaves us in the dark a little more.

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If anyone knows anything, feel free to hit us up! We want to help resolve the issue as much as the participants want their issues resolved, I'm sure!

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