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MOTLEY CRUE Awaiting Official Word On Possible Reunion Tour Postponement

It wouldn't be surprising at all.

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Motley Crue's reunion tour is scheduled to kick off on June 18 in Jacksonville, FL. Last we heard from drummer Tommy Lee on April 1st, it's still a go. Though given that every single tour that was planned for basically the next three months has been cancelled, it really wouldn't be surprising if this one was too. The problem here is that Motley Crue has no idea if it's being cancelled.

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The band recently posted a photo to their Instagram promoting their Netflix movie, The Dirt. One fan commented that the tour should be cancelled so fans can get their money back. Whoever runs the Motley Crue Instagram replied "bands don't decide this. We await info as well," regarding who is in charge of cancelling touring, and they're awaiting information as well.

When another fan asked if the stadium tour is off, the official Crue account responded "No one has said anything as yet."

It should be noted that California governor Gavin Newsom and bioethicist Zeke Emanuel both expect touring to come back maybe sometime in late 2021.

One thing is for sure – vocalist Vince Neil is gonna be friggin' ripped by the time this tour hits.

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During an April 1st interview with Billboard, Tommy Lee was ready to get going. “Everything’s still a go We’re all in constant communication. [Bassist] Nikki [Sixx] and I have been in several production meetings. You’re talking multiple stadiums, so it’s like two kids in a candy store putting together something people are going to walk [away from] saying, ‘Are you f–king kidding me?!’ That’s our mission right now, and it’s definitely headed in that direction.”

He adds, “By the time all this f–king apocalyptic bulls–t is over, I think everyone’s going to be in a really good mood to go out and have the f–king best time ever. I really do. I hope everyone stays inside, and we can get a f–king grip on this and get back to people having their normal lives.”

Lee also tells Billboard it's been challenging coming up with a trademark drum kit stunt, something that he has made famous at Crue shows. Read the whole interview here.

MOTLEY CRUE Awaiting Official Word On Possible Reunion Tour Postponement

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‘We wanna knock people on the asses, we gotta give them a show’ #mötleycrüe #TheDirt @netflix #muzzlethat

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