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Morgan Lander on a KITTIE Reunion: "Never Say Never"

Kittie isn't dead, it's just sleeping.

kittie morgan lander

Kittie hasn't done much of anything since their 2011 album I've Failed You and 2018 career-spanning documentary Origins/Evolutions, but that doesn't mean they're done.

Guitarist and vocalist Morgan Lander recently said in an interview with Consequence of Sound that now might not be the right time for a reunion, but "never say never." Lander also points out that the band's members are pretty busy with their own stuff right now as well, but they remain close friends.

"Our bass player and great friend of ours, Trish Doan, passed away a couple of years ago, and so that's made it really difficult to try to feel like it's right to do more when she would have wanted to be the one to be there," said Lander. "So, that's also a tough thing that we grapple with.

"But, individually, we're all working on new music. Mercedes is in The White Swan, which is a band that she actually fronts. She sings and plays guitar. Tara McLeod is playing full-time in an awesome country band. So, that's really cool. I'm fronting a kind of melodic death metal band called Karkaos. So, we're still all very close as friends and musicians, but it may not be the right time. But we've always said, never say never."

Morgan's sister and Kittie drummer Mercedes Lander said back in October that unless Kittie got a really good offer for a reunion and were able to involve everyone, the band isn't going to be doing anything.

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