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More Details On BARONESS's Scary Bus Crash

Yesterday we reported on what is most musicians biggest fear. Baroness were traveling in England and their bus flipped over, fell 30 feet and crashed. The good news is everybody survived. Here is all the latest information:

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The BBC ran a video report on the crash:

Another eyewitness account from British newspaper The Mirror explained what was happening:

At the top of the hill it is quite windy so they were going quite slow and seemed to be taking it quite carefully. It was torrential rain – it was like one of these eastern storms or something, it was like a river down here. Whether the brakes went at the bottom or, what the driver said to one of my blokes, was that the steering went, he couldn’t get around the coroner, so whether the hydraulics or something went, I don’t know. When we got down there the driver was hanging out of front of the coach, but his legs were trapped so we had to free him and get him back and comfortable. Then we got some ladders down there so that the people that were conscious inside could get out. We just got the people to the side of the road and made them comfortable and just helped where we could because obviously there was quite a bit of commotion, screaming and that, but then the police and the ambulance got here and they took over. It was a left-hand drive, German coach, and inside there were all fairy lights, but it was all quite a mess by the time we got there. First of all you think maybe his brakes went, but I don’t think he would have got quite as far around, but he said he couldn’t steer around the corner, so it could have been that he was going too fast, but it could be a combination of things.

When we initially reported on the story, we wrote two passengers were seriously injured, one was obviously the bus driver but while there is no confirmation as to who the second injured passenger was, a commenter on MetalSucks claiming to know the band chimed in. Here is what MetalSucks had to say:

comment left on MetalSucks early today by a user known as “Metalmusictalk” says that according to drummer Allen Blickle’s brother, a friend of the commenter, Blickle has “a cracked vertebrae and possibly a punctured lung.” The commenter also claims that in addition to the bus driver, bassist Matt Maggioni had “bad injuries” as well, although he did not specify what kind of injuries those might be. MetalSucks has not been able to confirm any of this with an official source, so it should be treated purely as speculation.

Here are some more photos of this horrific crash:

More Details On BARONESS's Scary Bus Crash

More Details On BARONESS's Scary Bus Crash

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Many metal musicians have sent their support via Twitter, some as notable as Alice Cooper and as surprising as Bring Me The Horizon. The most touching note was from Lamb of God guitarist Willie Adler who posted to his Facebook:

I want to send all my love and prayers to our brothers in Baroness. What they have endured is one of my greatest fears of touring. To be in that situation has to be extremely harrowing. I can only hope that their recovery is speedy and their trauma is short lived. Again, all my thoughts and prayers are with Baroness, their crew and their families. I feel that I can speak on be-half of all of the Lamb family when I say, we love you, and are all praying for you. We can't wait to be back out on the road with you guys doing what we do best.

Our thoughts are with Baroness through this harrowing time, and we hope for a speedy recovery.

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