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METALLICA's James Hetfield Will Narrate New History Channel Series The Hunt

Posted by on May 20, 2014 at 2:05 pm

When he's not playing stadiums, shredding the national anthem at a Giants game or mashing up songs with Green Day from the stage, James Hetfield loves to hunt. Which is why, I assume, the Metallica frontman agreed to narrate an upcoming documentary called "The Hunt" for the History Channel.

The series will span eight episodes and will document the biannual Kodiak brown bear hunt that takes place up in Alaska. These bears are no joke, some growing to 12 feet and 1,500 pounds. The documentary itself sounds pretty cool, but the fact that Hetfield is narrating it, and that it's about bears, makes it that much better! Here's to hoping he throws a few "EE-YEAY-UHH" grunts into the narration for good measure.

"The Hunt" premieres  Sunday, June 8 at 10PM ET.

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