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METALLICA 3D Movie Now Has A Director

The more I hear about this ridiculous Metallica 3D movie project, the less I am interested in it. First they hire producer Charlotte Huggins, who's major credits include crap like Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, and now there is an equally crappy director, Nimród Antal, who directed Predators…that reboot of Predator that you most likely did not see. I am not too familiar with his other work, but my buddy Axl Rosenberg (who is like my own personal Roger Ebert, minus all the surgical impairments) thinks he's drek and I tend to believe him. Axl also says that the movie will now be “a marriage of narrative and concert,” which means we'll get some behind the scenes stuff of rich band members acting just like us. Is there anybody out there excited for this? I bet it will still make crazy bank at the box office.

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