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Metal Science

New Journal on Metal Music Studies Shows Blast Beats Can Be Scholarly

Metal is 4 smrt ppl!

Metal is 4 smrt ppl!

Does anyone remember the post about the International Society of Metal Music Studies (ISMMS) from December 2013? If not, refresh your memory here and keep the name Karl Spracklen in mind. Dude is about to get a thousand times cooler! Or nerdier.

In October 2014, Spracklen published what appears to be the first of many planned academic journals on the study of metal music throughout the years. You can check the journal out here and even subscribe to it for a pretty reasonable price! The journal, which covers everything from the influence of death metal in Africa to black metal philosophical topics, is part of the ISMMS and you can hear a little bit about it here via video interview with Spracklen.

For an incredibly detailed scription of what you'll find in the journal, check out the piece Invisible Oranges did.

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