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Merriam-Webster Considering Adding "Metal" As An Adjective To The Dictionary

As in, "Morbid Angel is pretty f'n metal."

As in, "Morbid Angel is pretty f'n metal."

As a reader of this site, I'm willing to bet that just about all of you have used the word "metal" as an adjective. Whether you're describing someone's t-shirt, album art, or just a particularly brutal thing someone did, it's a pretty diverse word. Diverse and well-used enough anyway that Merriam-Webster is considering adding it as an adjective to the dictionary.

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Here's how the dictionary views the word currently as an adjective.

That right: this use of metal is the unruly teenage offspring of the term heavy metal, which of course refers, as your hopelessly academic-sounding dictionary asserts, to "energetic and highly amplified electronic rock music having a hard beat."

The upstart metal descriptor evokes the powerful energy and dark themes of heavy metal music, communicating toughness, intensity, and general, er, badassery.

Merriam-Webster cites examples from 1998 using the word as an adjective, and described the whole ordeal as "a pretty metal development."

Anyone else got a hankering to watch some Metalocalypse now?

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